Camping in the Valley of Vision

Editor’s Note: This week’s mini-series on the Grace and Truth Blog offers a sample of Puritan writings and their influence on biblical counseling. In our first article, Andy Farmer shares about the impact of The Valley of Vision on his devotional life. In other contributions to the series, Greg Gifford looks to Jeremiah Burroughs on […]

15:14 Ep. 224 – Stand for Biblical Counseling

This episode of 15:14 is unique. Our guest, Steve Viars, joins us to inform you and ask for your help regarding a direct attack against biblical counseling in West Lafayette, Indiana. Faith Church in Lafayette is an historic church in the modern biblical counseling movement. One of their campuses is in West Lafayette and would […]

At God’s Speed

Is any technological luxury better than the audiobook? We can “read” without sitting down, slowing down, or halting our to-do list. Instead of spending a collective 87+ hours quietly nestled in one place, we can listen to C.S. Lewis’s entire Space Trilogy during a couple months of daily commutes and workouts. Even better, we can […]

Escapism and the False Narrative of Shame

Our culture typically defines escapism as the intentional distraction from difficult realities. It could be as innocuous as a walk outside after a stressful day or a quiet evening with friends amid a challenging season. However, escapism has a darker side as well. Strategies to numb distressing emotions, such as indulgence in alcohol and viewing […]

How Do We Know When to Ask Others for Help? What Does the Bible Teach?

No, “God Helps Those Who Help Themselves” Is Not in the Bible When I was in high school, my wrestling coach, knowing I was a Christian, would try to motivate me to practice harder by saying (yelling): “Bobby, you know that ‘God helps those who help themselves.’” I wanted to correct him, but this was […]

Book Review of Gwen Tells Tales: When It’s Hard to Tell the Truth by Ed Welch

The publication of another title in the Good News for Little Hearts series is always an occasion for rejoicing in the Brooks household. My six and 4-year-old sons love these stories, and my wife and I love having heart-focused tales to draw from as we all live life together. If you’re unfamiliar with this series, […]

The Lord Always Looks After You

So she called the name of the Lord who spoke to her, “You are a God of seeing,” for she said, “Truly here I have seen him who looks after me” (Gen. 16:13). God hears and sees you amid your pain and will always look after you. No matter what your grief, loss, or even […]

15:14 Ep. 223 – Dr. Nate Brooks

Nate Brooks (PhD) serves as the Assistant Professor of Christian Counseling at the Charlotte campus of Reformed Theological Seminary. Nate, his wife Kate, and their children live on their mini-farm in Rock Hill, South Carolina and attend Lake Wylie Baptist Church. Dr. Brooks joins us to discuss his upbringing, conversion, introduction to biblical counseling, and […]

God Knows Our Doubts

Insecurity in our relationship with God is a fairly common experience. While many of us can be reassured of God’s love fairly easily, for some individuals, anxiety over their salvation can be so intense that no amount of reassurance can provide comfort. In such cases, our greatest hope is to turn to the God of […]

Why Don’t Churches Offer More Groups-Based Counseling?

It seems odd that churches, which do so many things in groups, don’t have more groups-based counseling options. But, as odd as it may be, based on the sparsity of groups-based curriculum available, it is seemingly an underdeveloped facet of church life. Yes, there are a few curriculums available for church-based counseling groups. Still, most […]