INTRODUCTION – Continuious Pastoral Development.

All Filadelfia Ministries (FM) pastors, counsellors and members who wish to remain registered with FM and practise under the banner of FM must participate in CPD and meet the requirements.


CPD aims to:

  • Build knowledge and skills.
  • Keep members abreast of developments in the ministry field.
  • Promote confidence to high standards of ministry.
  • Maintain professional standards.


CPD implies that members must participate in:

  • Approved CPD activities.
  • Obtain a certain number of points every year.


  • To all pastors of FM.
  • To the directors of FM.
  • To all counsellors of FM.
  • To all other members of FM.


  • One (1) notional hour equals one (1) CPD point.
  • All persons per paragraph 4.1. To 4.4. Above must obtain a minimum of sixty (60) CPD points per year.
  • Those who enter into a partnership with FM must participate in CPD in the year of registration and obtain a minimum of sixty (60) points in that year.
  • CPD applies to members outside the country.
  • Persons whose membership with FM has been terminated and wish to have their names restored must obtain sixty (60) CPD points per year in the year of restoration.


CPD activities are divided into group activities and individual activities. Members must achieve both activities.

Group Activities

A group activity is an organised and structured contact session over two (2) days with the aim of gathering the whole ministry together for the following purposes:

  • Christian fellowship.
  • Annual General Meeting.
  • Discussion of matters impacting ministry; information session(s).
  • Refreshment and practical application of skills.
  • Further development of existing skills.
  • Learn new skills.

The contact-session bears sixteen (16) CPD points

Individual Activities

Participation is undertaken individually, and the member is to submit a portfolio of evidence to FM.

  • All FM members to complete a prescribed course which will be distributed to members on or before 1 February each year. Members must completely fill out the course before 31 May of each year, meaning –members have four (4) months in which to do the course.
  • The prescribed course bears forty-four (44) CPD points (i.e. eleven (11) notional hours per month for four (4) months is needed to satisfy this requirement).
  • The directors will determine and provide the course.
  • Courses will enhance ministry and relationship with God.
  • Courses will have eight (8) study units.


  • Proof of participation in group activity: CPD attendance certificate.
  • Evidence of individual activity: Certificate of completion.


Managing Director: Ps. Ronald van Dyk – rsvandyk@telkomsa.net.

Ministerial Director: Ps. Jack Martin – jack@myfiladelfia.com.

Pastor’s Pastor: Ps. Carina Martin – carina@myfiladelfia.com.

Strategic Director: Ps. Willie van Zyl – willie@bathopele.co.za.

Training Director: Ps. (Dr.) Craig Mobey – craigmobey@gmail.com.

Additional Director: Ps. (Dr.) Lizette Mobey –lizette@myfiladelfia.com.