If you’ve been following my blog posts over the past month or so, then you know I’ve been sharing a blog mini-series about Empathy Is Biblical. If you’d like to read those original posts, here they are in order:

Your Free 42-Page PDF of the Entire Blog Mini-Series 

This mini-series ended up not so mini! When I collated it, the PDF turned into a 42-page document with over 13,000 words. Many of you—scores or hundreds—asked me if I would publish this. Rather than publish it and charge a fee, I’m making this collated resource available to you for free here:

Empathy Is Biblical

If you’d also like to share the link(s), here’s the longer link and a shortened link:




In case you’re new to this blog mini-series, here’s how I introduced each post:

There’s been some controversy in Evangelical Christian circles this past year about “empathy,” with some saying, “empathy is sinful” and others warning about the dangers of “untethered empathy.” For 36 years (since 1985), I’ve equipped God’s people for compassionate, empathetic one-another care.

So, biblical empathy has been important to me long before the current controversy.

In this blog mini-series, rather than providing a negative critique of writings that say, “empathy is sinful,” I’m seeking to offer a positive presentation of what the Bible says about empathetic one-another care. Simply stated:

This connects well to my sense of calling and purpose with RPM Ministries:

With this positive focus in mind, rather than “re-inventing the wheel,” I’m taking this series from the culmination of 36 years of thinking about biblical empathy. I’ve developed this mini-series from several of my published works, including:

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