God’s Word is the most realistic writings ever.

God’s Word is the most hopeful writings ever.

God is the most empathetic Being in the universe.

A Trilogy on Realistic Grieving with Resurrection Hope 

The Bible’s emphasis on realistic grieving along with resurrection hope is why I’ve penned my “trilogy on grief.” The Trinity’s empathy for the grieving and encouragement for the hurting is why I’ve penned three books on biblical lament and resurrection hope:

  1. God’s Healing for Life’s Losses: How to Find Hope When You’re Hurting 
  1. Grief: Walking with Jesus 
  1. Grief and Your Child: Sharing God’s Comfort in Loss

God’s Healing for Life’s Losses 

Have you experienced a loss and do you long to find God’s hope in your grief? Do you desire to minister God’s healing to your grieving friends? Then discover God’s healing for life’s losses. 

God’s Healing for Life’s Losses equips you to apply eight scriptural stages in your response to life’s losses—helping you to find hope when you’re hurting. It also empowers you to minister healing hope to others so that they can face suffering face-to-face with God.  

Its two built-in grief guides—one for your grief journal and one for your grief journey—make God’s Healing for Life’s Losses perfect for individual and group grief work. Join the growing number of lay people, pastors, biblical counselors, recovery groups, grief groups, church small groups, Sunday School classes, and college and graduate school students using God’s Healing for Life’s Losses as their twenty-first century manual for Christian grief recovery.

Find hope when you’re hurting.

Enjoy nearly a dozen free resources related to God’s Healing for Life’s Losses here.

Grief: Walking with Jesus 

Grief: Walking with Jesus is a thirty-one-day devotional booklet that guides you on a journey through the Gospels. Page-by-page and day-by-day, you’ll walk with Jesus as He models how to cling to the Father as He faces suffering, loss, grief, and death.

Jesus is a man of sorrows, acquainted with grief, and He is your sympathetic High Priest. So, He not only models godly grieving, Jesus also grieves with you. Grief: Walking with Jesus is ideal for all of us who want to grow closer to Christ while facing life’s most excruciating losses.

Enjoy free resources related to Grief: Walking with Jesus here. 

Grief and Your Child: Sharing God’s Comfort in Loss 

We often think about grief and adults, but what about teens and children struggling with grief? When they face life’s losses, how do they find hope when they’re hurting? 

Grief and Your Child applies biblical principles to the grief experience of children and teens and it equips parents, pastors, family members, and counselors to provide soul care to children and teens so they can find God’s healing for life’s losses. 

Enjoy free resources related to Grief and Your Child here.

Special “Grief Trilogy” Offer 

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