Counselling, Bible

FILADELFIA MINISTERIES is a Non-profit company (NPC – 2013/119043/08) (whereby the handling of all financial obligations agrees with South African law) and as such its focus is purely on the primary aims and goals of the Ministry.

FILADELFIA MINISTERIES’, statement of belief is based on Scripture as it confirms the existence of God, Jesus Christ, the Holy Spirit, the crucifixion death and resurrection of Jesus Christ according to 1 Corinthians 15.

FILADELFIA MINISTERIES’, its Directors and members, on signature thereof, are bound to the Code of Conduct/Ethics.

FILADELFIA MINISTERIES’ is primarily bound to be directed by Scripture and secondary by its constitution read with its Code of conduct/ethics, intertwined with each other.


It FILADELFIA MINISTERIES’ primary focus to be of service in – and to the following area (s):

  • Assistance, care and support in the needs, of their registered Pastors,
  • Help, care and support, in the needs, of their qualified Biblical Counsellors,
  • Help, care and support in the needs, of the students of Filadelfia Training Institution,
  • Monitoring and regulation of Filadelfia Ministries’ ethics, standards and requirements.
  • Assistance, care and support, in the communal work of the Body of Christ, involving external like-minded ministries, organisations and missionaries.
  • Help, care and aid in current and future programs, decided and agreed upon by the Directors.

In assisting, caring a supporting the above aims and goals FILADELFIA MINISTERIES is focused and committed to;

Sustaining an infrastructure which is conducive to the efficient management of the Ministry. Providing a forum and platform for carrying out the passions, goals and aims of all individuals related to – and the Ministry itself known as FILADELFIA MINISTERIES. Maintaining good relations and close ties with all people, institutions, groups and networks within the body of Christ and especially FILADELFIA MINISTERIES’ partners. Establish and maintain sound and effective internal and external communication guided by the Scriptural principles and raising funds whereby all goals, support, programs and outreach is financed, sustained and maintained.